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Book Hot Air Balloon Safaris Adventure in Masai Mara Kenya.

Book Hot Air Balloon Safaris Adventure in Masai Mara Kenya.

Kenya Hot Air Balloon Safaris.

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Wildebeests Masai Mara Kenya Budget Safari.Photo by YHA Kenya Travel      

Ostrich-small group safaris,small group tours.budget camping safari

Welcome to YHA Kenya Travel Hot Air Balloon Safari Package.
Experience unforgettable breathtaking views over The Maasai Mara National Game Reserve in Kenya from The Hot Air Balloon Safari Flight organized by YHA Kenya Travel.
YHA-Kenya Travel Tours Safaris offers you the best hot air balloon safaris package to holidaymakers in Kenya Masai Mara National Game Reserve.  Savanah plains and forests, Masai Mara balloon safari experience with YHA Kenya travel helps you to see wildlife and the Masai Mara Reserve landscapes from the sky as you float, get to view Masai Mara on balloon safari flight  from the sky, Small group adventures,adventure in Kenya, Kenya budget safaris, Masai Mara wildlife safaris, the Masai Mara national game reserve, yha Kenya travel trip advisor reviews and more safari options with lasting memories.
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Hot air balloon safari ride is a great way to experience the spectacular wonders of beautiful scenery and wildlife in Masai Mara Game Reserve Kenya.
An hour floating over the savannah starts at sunrise.
Wake up early and embark on an hour-long balloon safari over the vast plains of the Masai Mara National Game Reserve.
The dawn scenery from the balloon is breathtaking as you float above the diverse habitats of Masai Mara Reserve covering the mighty river 'The Mara River', swamps and forests. Hot Air Balloon Ride in the African Sky.
Treat yourself to a Hot Air Balloon Safari Adventure in Masai Mara Kenya.

YHA Kenya Travel, Kenya Balloon Safaris, Balloon safaris, hot air balloon safaris, Kenya balloon safari adventure, Kenya budget adventure camping safaris.     

YHA Kenya Travel, Kenya Balloon Safaris, Balloon safaris, hot air balloon safaris, Kenya balloon safari adventure, Kenya budget adventure camping safaris.

Balloon Safari Itinerary.
04:15 AM Wakeup call
06:00 AM Tea or Coffee
06:15 AM Drive to Balloon Launch site.
06:30 AM Balloon Safari Flight take off.
The flight duration is about one hour floating in the Savannah plains over the Masai Mara Game Reserve in Kenya. This flight travels up to 25 km depending on the wind condition, mostly the winds move towards the south deep into the Masai Mara reserve where the balloons land.
Moments after landing a luxurious champagne breakfast awaits you, you are served and continue with the land game drives for the day or head back to your Camp / Lodge
This Kenya hot air balloon adventure safari itinerary is a guide that may change based on travel group choices, weather, road or political conditions and changes.
All Balloon safari prices and local payments are subject to change.
Enjoy our unique and unforgettable Kenya Balloon adventure budget Safari Experience.

Masai Mara Big 5 Lion Family.Photo by YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris          
YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris.Masai Mara Budget Safari
Book your next adventure safari holiday combined with a balloon safari operated by the YHA-Kenya Travel tours and safaris.
Taking a "Hot air balloon safari" is a treat that many people hope to do. It’s a memorable experience, although not ideal for game viewing or wildlife photography. 

Zebra In Masai Mara.Photo By  YHA Kenya Travel 

The best balloon flights follow the course of the Masai Mara or Talek rivers. Allowing you to peer down into the forest. skim past vultures’ nests and watch the monkeys’ early morning routine. By 7.30am, the balloons are dropping down onto the plain. For a treat in the bush full breakfast and sparkling wine, followed by a game drive back to camp. The price is from around US$430 per person and flights are best booked in advance.NB- Balloon Safari is combined with the normal road safari package by safari vans or the 4 x 4 cruisers.

Hot Air Balloon Safari Masai Mara Kenya.Photo by YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris  Big 5 Family Lions Maasai Mara.Photo by YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris  Balloon Adventure Safari Maasai Mara-YHA Kenya Travel

YHA-Kenya Travel Tours And Safaris.
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