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Hot Air Balloon Safari Adventure

Hot Air Balloon Safari Adventure Balloon Safaris Hot Air Ballon Safaris Balloon Safari, Masai Mara Kenya,Safaris,YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris,Hot Deals,Group Safari Pakage,Holiday Packages Kenya  Hot air balloon safari ride  is a great way to experience the spectacular wonders of Masai Mara. An hour floating over the savannah starts at sunrise. Wake up early and embark on an hour-long balloon safari over the vast plains of the Maasai Mara National Game Reserve. The dawn scenery from the balloon is breathtaking as you float above the diverse habitats of Mara reserve covering the mighty river 'The Mara River' ,swamps and forests. image: Hot Air Balloon flights in the Masai Mara Book your next holiday combined with a balloon safari with yha Kenya travel. Taking a "Hot air balloon safari" is a treat that many people hope to do. It’s a memor

Plan A Trip

Plan YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris One stop Shop to Discover Budget, Adventure, Camping ,Volunteer, Travel Activities, Tours & Safaris Plan A Trip Plan your holiday trip   now!   What Africa Offers Africa is a great  rewarding place to be on your adventure travel.  Thanks to the unspoilt natural surroundings, such as the wildlife and the spectacular landscapes. When on an  African adventure safari, you may see everything from snow capped mountains. To forests and white tropical beaches; all in a day’s travel- it’s that diverse. Finally, the local cultures add to your Africa safari holiday like nowhere else in the world. ​ Where in Africa Safaris began in Kenya and Tanzania. The best destinations for an African adventure safari holidays. A Kenya budget adventure safari offers amazing diversity and superb Kenya wildlife viewing. Uganda is a good location too known for the scenery and rich wildlife in natural surroundings. The Gorilla Tracking Safari as the highlight. ​ Take t

Learn Kiswahili Key Words

Basic Kiswahili for Visitors to East Africa Hello      Habari, Jambo Good bye            Kwa heri How much          Pesa Ngapi Money Pesa Chair      Kiti Sit down              keti chini Stand up              Simama Please   Tafadhali Thank you           Asante Yes         Ndio No          Hapana, or La Maybe  Pengine Also       Pia How are you?    Habari yako? Where can i get a taxi     Naweza pata taxi wapi? Toilet     Choo, Msala Water   Maji Can i have a glass of water?         Tafadhali nisaidie na kikombe cha maji? Where can i make a phone call?                Naweza piga simu wapi? Hotel     Hoteli Ocean   Bahari Mountain            Mlima Lion        Simba Elephant              Ndovu, Tembo Leopard               Chui Cheetah               Duma Time      Saa My name is _.     Naitwa_.

Samburu Budget Camping Safari Package

Samburu National Reserve. Turning moments into memories.  The reserve is rich in wildlife with an abundance of rare northern specialist species such as the Grevy’s zebra, Somali ostrich, reticulated giraffe, gerenuk and the beisa Oryx. These are also referred to as Samburu Special Five. There are various activities that visitors can engage in while residing at the reserve. These activities include: game drives, bird watching, bush breakfast, nature walks, river rafting depending on the river water level and the Samburu cultural experience. As a wildlife preserve, it doesn't disappoint sightings of the Big Five Elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo and rhino. Cheetah sightings are particularly good, too, and do look out for those fabulously unwieldy kori bustards the largest flying birds on Earth. To explore Samburu, the following program is best. 2 Nights 3 Days Samburu Camping ​ Day 1: Nairobi-Samburu ​ Pick up from your hotel at 8.30 am and drive

Amboseli Budget Safari Package

Amboseli   National Park One of Kenya's unique wilderness areas of the world, fantastic in its natural beauty and unequaled in its scientific value. This park is a vast expanse land with a large concentration of plains animals. It is one of the oldest parks in Kenya, originally part of the colonial era’s ‘Southern Maasai Reserve’, Amboseli became a wildlife sanctuary in the 1940s and was declared a national park in 1974. It is rightly one of Kenya’s most popular safari regions and, with its iconic views of the wildlife against a backdrop of majestic Kilimanjaro is a highlight of many Kenya holidays. ​ YHA-Kenya Travel Itinerary 2 Nights 3 Days Amboseli Camping Safari ​ Day 1: Nairobi-Amboseli. Depart in the morning and drive South to Namanga, the Kenya-Tanzania border for lunch. After lunch enters into Amboseli National Park with game-drive until 6.30 pm Dinner and overnight at the Campsite. ​ Day 2: Amboseli A full day of game viewing in the

The Great Lakes Adventure Safaris

2 Nights 3 Days Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha Day 1: Nairobi-Nakuru: ​ Departure for Lake Nakuru National park will be at 08:00 am from Nairobi where you will head southwards via the Rift Valley view point, stop at the scene, view and admire the escapement of the Great Rift valley, a few meters ahead is the little Italian church, take few minutes there to get the stories of the church and then proceed to Nakuru which is found in the central Kenya you will arrive in time for early lunch which shall be served at a Nakuru hotel or carry this packed lunch to be served in the park as you do your game drive in the park, Lake Nakuru is one of the Rift valley soda lakes, which is at an elevation of 1754 meters above the sea level, the park is famous for the big five except elephants, it is also known for its birdlife where the entire lake surface is covered by both the lesser and greater flamingoes hence the bird’s sanctuary, this is the only park in Kenya where you are

Honeymoon Safari Holiday Package

Honeymoon Holiday Safaris Be swept away by the sheer romance of a Kenyan honeymoon with luxury vacations that feature the best beach destinations and the world's greatest wildlife reserves.There are few adventures more unforgettable than a wildlife safari honeymoon - luxury accommodation in spell-binding locations; discreet service and sumptuous cuisine; total privacy and exclusivity - all wrapped in seamless, world class logistics. Indulge in candle-lit dinners for two on the beach or under starry skies in the wilderness; make the most of your private guide for bespoke safari activities, or simply soak up the sun at your private pool. Kenya,s best honeymoon packages blend the charm and culture of Mombasa (coast) with the thrills of a Big 5 Amboseli safari and the world wonder of Masai Mara. The Masai Mara makes an ideal safari and beach honeymoon combined with the powder-white beaches . If your heart is set on a classic African safari, then blend big game ac

Kenya Responsible Tourism

We believe that acting responsibly is the way to approach tourism and making a difference in the world around us. YHA Kenya Trave Tours & Safaris Responsible Tourism.We are also convinced that every child on Earth should have a chance to fulfill his or her full potential in life and shine like every successful person in whatever field they choose to do. Our promise is to give back to the communities we serve by creating life changing opportunities for these children. We partner with the PCEA St Andrews Church to realise this drean for our children and Hawa Children's Home is our choice for this project. What is Responsible Tourism? Responsible Tourism is about “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” Responsible Tourism requires that tour operators, hoteliers, governments, local people and tourists take responsibility, take action to make tourism more sustainable. World Responsible Tourism Day encourages the in

Adventure Activities

Discover Africa Kenya Land of Adventures African Safari Adventures Travel Holidays with  YHA-Kenya Travel  -             Book your trip YHA-Kenya Travel offers a very wide selection of small-group tours, safaris and expeditions to enable you  to start exploring Kenya. Adventure activities like walking holidays,trekking holidays,climbing,water rafting and cycling. We do specialize in adventure travel,offering adventure ,trekking,climbing,water sports,cycling and family holidays in Kenya and Tanzania. An Adventure Walk on Mount Kenya  MT Kenya adventure climbing routes ​ Quick Itinerary Overview. Explore the dramatic landscape of the scenic central kenya highlands as you drive to Mount Kenya. This scenic drive and walking safari as you hike through the thick Mt Kenya forest offers an intimate experience with the local culture flora and fauna of this magnificent Mountain Kenya.As you trek, the local guides leading the way and preparing meals. This leaves you

Kenya & Tanzania Budget Camping Safaris.

Kenya & Tanzania Budget Camping Safaris. An East African Budget Safari to Kenya & Tanzania's top game parks! Go game viewing in world-famous Serengeti in Tanzania and legendary Masai Mara Kenya, Tarangire, Ngorongoro Crater & Lake Nakuru on this Kenya & Tanzania Budget Camping Safari. Itinerary Overview This combined Kenya and Tanzania budget safari adventure departs from Nairobi, Kenya, travelling to the world-famous Masai Mara National Game Reserve, through the scenic Great Rift Valley. In Kenya's premier national game reserve the Masai Mara. Travel in search of the abundant wildlife that has made this one of the most celebrated game parks in Africa. Here you can witness the Wildebeest Migration in the months of May to September, Masai Mara Migration safari is one of the most spectacular wildlife shows on earth, in the season. From Masai Mara, we drive you north to the Hells Gate National Park and Lake Naivasha, before travelling down so