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Who We Are/ Kenya Adventure Safaris/ Budget Camping Safaris.

Who We Are/ Kenya Adventure Safaris/ Budget Camping Safaris.
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YHA Kenya Travel a dedicated tour operator offering best affordable Kenya adventure budget camping safaris tours for African safari bookings,Solo,small groups, Family travel. Family Safari or Small Group Tours are an opportunity for you to explore new places destinations, while in company of like minded travelers and an expert Guide. Group joining is a more affordable option over a private journey in multi day’s safari. These adventure safari tours include activities like ground transportation, air safaris and accommodation. Group sizes ranges from 6 to 12 or more people depending on the destination.

A Taste Of Amboseli National Park, Kenya Adventure Safaris Tours.

                                       A Taste Of Amboseli National Park. Experience the charm of Amboseli National Park. Discover the beauty of the great sunset view of Africa’s highest mountain, Mt. Kilimanjaro contrasting amidst the giant African elephant herds. This promises to be a spectacular Adventure! Amboseli National park is truly the home of large Elephants herds and also home to a variety of wildlife and avian life. You will easily see birds and wildlife such as; lions, Masai Giraffe, Goliath Heron, Grey-crowned crane, African Jacana among many notable African birds species. Amboseli National Park. One of Kenya’s unique wilderness areas of the world, fantastic in its natural beauty and unequalled in its scientific value. This park is a vast expanse land with a large concentration of plains animals. It is one of the oldest parks in Kenya, originally part of the colonial era’s ‘Southern Maasai Reserve’, Amboseli became a wildlife sanctuary in the 1940s and was declared a nati

Mount Kenya Climbing Tours-Trekking-Hiking-Active-Adventures

Mount Kenya Climbing Tours-Trekking-Hiking-Active-Adventures : Visitor's information and online trip planning, reservations for Climbing Mount Kenya, hiking, trekking tours /safari packages, routes, book now best prices. Connect with us at YHA Kenya Travel for personalized private safaris just for you, your friends, colleagues or family. Best Affordable Guided Tours. Personalized Attention. Group Discounts Available. Reach out to us Call / WhatsApp:   +254722655321 +254713713831 E-mails:    or   Website:

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