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Responsible Tourism , Volunteer, Volunteering & Internships

Responsible Tourism , Volunteer, Volunteering & Internships

YHA-Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris -Responsible Tourism ,Travel, Volunteer Opportunities, Volunteering & Internships.
Have you ever dreamt of teaching children to read or helping preserve the habitat of an endangered species? You may be able to make those dreams come true. While travelling and studying in a new city and country it can be an amazing experience in itself, some students and travellers want to give back to the communities who are hosting them and make a difference in their own way while they’re abroad.
For these travellers and students, programs that help them volunteer can be the perfect blend of travel and service, offering a chance to learn, grow, and have life-changing experiences.
There are various opportunities for students and other travellers looking to volunteer abroad, covering a wide range of countries, types of work, and lengths of stay that can meet the needs of nearly any developmental charity-minded student traveller. Yet even those who want to give back may not know where to start looking for volunteer work programs, how to finance a trip, or may just be intimidated by the idea of travelling and working in another country without a steady income.
Should You Volunteer Abroad?
While volunteering abroad is a noble endeavour, not all students and travellers may be well-suited to the challenges it poses. Others may simply find that it doesn’t work well within their plans for college and will need to wait until they’ve graduated to explore these kinds of opportunities. While there’s no foolproof way to know if you’re ready to volunteer abroad, here are some questions to ask yourself before signing on for any program.
Can you respect other cultures even when they differ from your own? Depending on where you travel, you may encounter cultural beliefs that are very different from your own and may even make you uncomfortable. Being able to live among people you may not always agree with and be respectful of their beliefs even if you don’t share them may be a critical part of your experience abroad.
 Are you flexible? As a volunteer, you’ll have to go along with whatever tasks your program needs you to assist with. This may mean letting go of grandiose plans for changing the world to focus on everyday, basic tasks. Volunteering abroad will also require flexibility from you in a range of other areas, from where you’ll live to how you spend your free time.
    How do you cope with being outside of your comfort zone? Most places that are in dire need of volunteers are going to push you outside of your comfort zone in one way another, either in terms of comfort, culture or in the leadership they require of you. How have you coped with being pushed out of your comfort zone in the past? While new, sometimes uncomfortable experiences can help you grow, for some living and working this far outside of what they know will be more stressful than productive.
Does volunteering fit into your goals? Before signing up for a program, it’s important to think about what you expect to get out of a program and to assess how it will fit into your long-term goals for school and your career. If you need to focus on internships or taking classes over your breaks, volunteering may not be the best option for you. For others, it might be a nice change of pace from a tough academic schedule.
    What are your expectations? It’s also critical to think about what your expectations for a volunteering program are as well. If you’re used to living in luxury housing, you may need to think about how you’ll cope with a lack of indoor plumbing or primitive housing. Even if you’re sure you want to volunteer, you need to think seriously about where you want to go and what kind of experience you want to have, as this will play a big role in determining whether or not you enjoy volunteering or are overwhelmed by it.
    Why do you want to volunteer abroad? 
This is perhaps one of the most important questions to ask yourself before signing up to volunteer abroad. Do you simply want to bolster your resume? Do you want to make a difference? Are you passionate about a cause? Knowing why you want to volunteer in Kenya can help you determine where you should go, what you should do, and even how long you should stay.
If you’re unsure about your answers to these questions or find elements of them troubling, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to rule out volunteering abroad. Take your time carefully considering your options, talking to others who’ve been through the experience, and ensuring you’re taking on the project at the right time for your educational career.
Your Options for Volunteering  in Kenya.
Opportunities for volunteering abroad and more so in Africa, Kenya have exploded. There are thousands of  volunteer opportunities through organisations  and non-profit programs offering the chance for students, researchers, travellers and anyone else to spend time living in and providing community service to an area in need. It’s impossible to cover the entire spectrum of programs in one article, so here are just a few common types of overseas experiences that may pique your interest and get you ready to take off on your own altruistic adventures.
Those who enjoy hands-on, eco-focused experiences will love the opportunity to work outdoors and play a central role in local communities through the program.
For those who prefer to work directly with helping people, a program such as the Working with orphaned children, Teaching, medical/health programs, internships or doing work camp projects with local communities may be a more satisfying choice.
Responsible Tourism & Volunteering.
Volunteer and make a difference volunteer in Kenya, Africa.
Volunteering in Kenya Africa gives you the opportunity to volunteer or intern then discover more about yourself and the world around you than you ever thought was possible.
Our group volunteer adventure travel holiday activities offer you an outstanding travel package with good value for money and a platform to embark on one of the most incredible life experiences that you may ever have Hawa  VolunteeringChildrens Home.
A Family Holiday/Volunteer team with YHA Kenya travel tours and safaris offers you a bonding and learning opportunity like no other in Kenya, you will have the chance to work in developing a community like never before experiencing a new culture, creating friendships and making a difference to those less fortunate than yourself especially the children who are orphans,neglected or abused and are in a children’s home, in a new environment while volunteering.
All budget adventure group holiday trips are run in support of our community development outreach program, meaning that our volunteer work will be organised before you travel and your group will be contributing to a wider commitment to sustainable development.
YHA-Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris group holiday adventures are open to all, to everybody above the age of 18 willing to volunteer or be part of a group intending to help vulnerable children.Those aged 16 and below will need to travel with the consent of a parent or guardian.


Responsible Tourism , Volunteer, Volunteering & Internships


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