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Small Group Travel Holiday Safaris

Group Travel Holiday Safaris/YHA Kenya Travel

Small Group Travel / YHA Kenya Travel Tours & Safaris
Group Holidays
Exclusive discounts for Small group travel holidays
Small group travel holidays in Kenya at the national parks and Game reserves or soaking up the sun abroad with a group of friends. Why not share your experiences with family friends than on your own?
YHA Kenya Travel books many small or large group safari holidays whether it's for an annual family retreat holiday, group of friends, student groups, religious group or a corporate group. We can organise this for you and offer you some attractive great group discounts and most importantly we can make this a stress free holiday for you and your group from planning the holiday until the day you return home.
Our dedicated team of personal travel advisors are available anytime to give knowledgeable up to date travel advice when booking your small group travel holiday travel arrangements to Kenya, large group holidays cannot be booked online so we advise that you contact us via call Tel : +254722655321 or email us or
Price Guide
1-2 Pax USD  Per person
3-6 Pax USD  Per person
7-9 Pax USD  Per person
10-18 Pax USD  Per person


Small Group Travel Holiday Safaris


Small Group Safaris

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